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      She isn`t worth my emotions


I never thought that this would ever happen to me. I would see it on TV but never did I think it would ever happen to me.

Well my story begins when I was a Junior in high school, when I met this girl on the wrestling team, she was so cute I thought. So I made an attempt to get with her but I found out she had a boyfriend already. So I backed off for about seven months. When I found out she was finally single. I waited until the right time to ask her out. And, BAM!!! out of the blue I had the courage to ask her and she said yes.

So we dated and got serious. And for 3 years it was the most happiest I've ever been in my life. I changed my whole life around for this girl, at the time I thought she was the one. I was so happy at times I would catch myself smiling just thinking about her, she was my first love.

Everything was going great until one day she wanted a break. So I gave it to her, you know that saying if you love someone you've got to learn to let them go. Well I did that, thinking that she would come back into my life in no time. The next day after I gave her the break I heard news that she was already all over another guy. I was heartbroken so I called her and told her maybe we should just separate for good. She said ok. then I came to find out all my pain was for nothing because when we were dating she fooled around on me with one of my best friends.

I don't know how many of you out there have ever felt that feeling. But it hurts.

I'm still trying to get over her right now and trying to move on but its so hard, but I also know that I can do better because she isn't worth my feeling and emotions.


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