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      Your forever shining star


It was a Beautiful Day in the later part May 1980, with a group of us preparing for Brenda's Birthday Party in the Country where we both lived. She was my next door neighbour and one of my many friends and was always there for me. We invited everyone we could think of to come to her party. My Mom asked me if it was ok to invite a co-worker Gloria that she worked with and I recently had met. I of course said it was fine and to ask her to join us, and to bring anyone she wanted with her.

Well, the party got off to a great beginning with everyone knowing each other. Then Gloria arrived in someone else's car with another woman and two men, All of which I had never met before. My Best Friend Cheryl and I were standing on Brenda's front porch when they all arrived and we both watched as they were climbing out of the vehicle and we asked each other at the same time who are those people? Upon then seeing Gloria, I then told Cheryl that the one with the long black hair was my Mom's friend and co-worker Gloria. That was when Ron stepped out of the car, Our eyes met and I felt warm all over and saw fire works and said out loud to Cheryl, Oh My God, Who is that Sexy Hunk of a Man? He was also asking the people closest to him at the same time, Who is that Sexy Dark Skinned Beauty standing there? After our eyes met, Everyone said that no one else mattered or was heard for a while as we stood there staring and feeling our hearts beating rapidly for each other. I finally stopped staring when Cheryl shook me slightly and kept calling out my name saying (Diana, Hey girl!!!) I looked at her and said, Huh? She smiled at me and told me, well, lets go and find out who that sexy hunk is and meet him right now. I felt my face turn red, as I knew I had just embarrassed myself in front of everyone and my number one buddy and best of all friends Cheryl. We both started walking down Brenda's porch steps toward my house to meet this Knight in Shining Armour that had already made my heart skip many beats,
walking toward the group of people, Gloria introduced her company and I introduced mine. All the time, Ron and my eyes never seemed to leave each other while talking to everyone standing around us. My Mom walked out of the house and asked me, have you met everyone yet? I said, yes mom, I have and smiled at Ron as he gave me a wink. Mom said, I see you met Ron? He is a new employee where I work and I didn't think you would mind Gloria inviting him and his friends to also join us? I of course told her, I didn't mind at all, The more the Merrier. She then stated (Good) and said lets all join the rest of the party so we can introduce everyone there.

That night Ron and I spent the whole time together, Finding out that we had so very much in common. We talked and talked and realized so much and both knew within our hearts that night was the Beginning and birth of Ron's and my thoughts on ever having a Relationship or trust for another. That night would change both our lives and the way we would forever think and believe in love and having a true too life soul mate. Yes, He courted me a while and some time later we did get to say our own special vows to each other on our Wedding Day of December 31st 1981 (New Years Eve) I will never forget that Special Day, Ron cried when my Dad walked me down the Isle toward him to give me away. This was my second marriage, His third.

Ron and I shared almost 20 years loving each other like there was no tomorrow. Then suddenly one day (there was no more tomorrow's) As he dropped in front of our local grocery store with a massive heart attack while I was inside briefly. By the time the paramedics got there and rushed him to the hospital, I knew it was to late already, When I witnessed him take his last breath. I knew, When my Heart felt like it had bursted, and that I had lost the Love of my Life.

I'm thankful for those precious years with my One and only Soul Mate, God blessed me when he sent you to me when I needed you the most. You went home to be with the creator now and you are my angel that watches over me. I have felt the brushing of your protective wings as you wrap them around me. I will always love you Ron, after all, we were soul mates in this world and will always be, even on the other side where I will join you again. And we will laugh and smile and frolic in the meadows the creator has made. Maybe then, you can build that double rocking chair you promised to build for the two of us to sit in when we got old, But then we won't be to old to enjoy it my Forever Love.

I was then and always will be your one and only,
" Forever Shining Star* "


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