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I have been involved with this guy for 3 1/2 years who is now my ex. I've been emotionally in love with this man. I would be there for him emotionally, physically, & mentally. We had a great relationship or so I thought.

I guess every little suspicion have all come together in time to set a bomb off. Well, during my involvement with this man, he was also seeing someone else who has been with him longer than I have. So, technically he was already messing with someone else prior to getting involved with me.

I was going to get a tan at this tanning salon & hot tub joint. Well, lo & behold guess who walks out from the joint? ... I did a double take & sure enough, my man walking out with another chick. My heart has just been stabbed. He tried to split with the girl as if he wasn't with her. He knew he got caught BIG TIME! Well, I guess it was all good because at that point I was beginning to lose interest in him.

So, I had no problems getting over it.


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