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      Can I trust anyone again


I never thought of him as anything but a friend until one day.

My friend always thought that we were such a cute couple but I always thought she was just being stupid. She was trying to hook us up and I really didnít care because I knew that we wouldn't EVER go out.

The next day was like any other but people kept on asking me 'are you and him going' out and I was like no. I was talking to my friend during lunch about it and I was thinking about him. He has never treated me badly ever, always nice, some what SMART.
And I donít know what came over me but I started to have feelings for him. So I told my friend and she tried to hook us up and I donít know what she said but she said the right words because he asked me out.

Well, 6 months passed by and we were still going out and I loved him with all my heart and soul and the same for him. Everything was going great with our relationship.
My other friend was hanging with him and me at the library but I had to go with some of my friends to do something for a teacher. She is pretty and I just canít believe I left them alone because he used to love her but he was now with me.

When I came back I saw them kiss. Then he saw me and I ran out of the library and just ran somewhere I knew he wouldn'tít find me.


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