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      He is my soul mate


I met a wonderful guy this past February. He is a musician like I am. He is so handsome, intelligent, funny, loves to have a good time and devoted to his kids. We would talk for hours. We have the same dreams, goals, but of course, some differences. His eyes were the greenest I have ever seen. He had long, curly hair that he would throw all over when he played guitar.

But, things changed.

I found out that the issues he had to deal with were just too great for me to be a part of. I know he can get through them, but I have discovered he never has before. That makes me very sad. He thinks he can do it by himself. I just don't know. I miss him very terribly. He said he still loves me, but needs to work things out by himself. Because I love him, I have to let him go. My heart aches for him.

I want time to go fast so the hurt goes away. I just hope for his sake he finally works things through and is happy. He deserves to be.


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