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      Why do I feel this pain


Well, I guess I feel a little pain right now and a little confusion.

I met a woman through work. We were both very curious about each other and she had a crush on me for months which I was oblivious too but everybody else in her office knew. I waited and asked her out when the time was right.

It was unbelievable. She was the perfect match I was hoping to find. Funny, a little crazy, and interested in me. We spent everyday and night together for weeks at a time. Things started to get a little more serious when she would tell how strong her feelings were for me...... and I reciprocated. These were obvious. We were falling in love which we both admitted. Then something happened.

She decided to move to Alaska. Out of nowhere in a split moment. She wouldn't give me her number there but she calls occasionally and tells me she loves me. It hurts. She tells me she can't do this right now because she is going through things of her own which she has to figure out by herself.

I wish I could help but it seems I can't. She's left me dry with a little heartache and a little pain. Aaagh.


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