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the day i met her, it was a day just like any other day. The sun was sitting high above the sky,i was blinded in such a way that i could not see her as we can not see the stars during the day .there are so many years ,only 12 months in a year .there are many numbers and we do not even know the last number

when people talk about numbers mine its always 13, when others are busy talking about their birth months, i do not talk about September ,i talk about February . when people talk about years in which changes were made ,i talk about 2016

why did i mentioned numbers? why do i talk about months and year? it does not make any sense but if you put it like this 13 February 2016 all in all it is a day and is not just a day but a day in which i met pretty girl .it is the day i met her

Ipfi pretty girl mulovhedzi


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