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      Hannah and Zuriel 'Miraculous Journey'


(This is a true story of the newly-married couple Zuriel and Hannah. Video and Photoshoot by Mayad Studios)

“One year ago today, the worst thing that happened to me was the beginning of the best days of my life.” – Hannah

Day by day we witness life as it unfolds before our eyes. We see the world transform as seasons change and people evolve. Through experience, we learn and grow to become a better individual. Although sometimes it is a bit more than what we expect. But how can one’s life change in a instant? What if destiny teases us by taking away the person we cherish the most? If we have known earlier, will we show more love? Will we express our affection and will not take them for granted? What if it will all be too late? Do we ask for a second chance? Do we pray for a miracle?

Exactly one year ago, the life of Zuriel turned upside down when he heard the accident that happened to Hannah when she was in Singapore. It was one of the hardest times knowing that any minute death can take away the life of the woman he initially planned to marry even before the chaos. But God is good, for they were given a second chance, second chance to live and to love. What happened to Hannah in Singapore was heartbreaking for Zuriel but it was also one amazing miracle that made their bond stronger than it ever was and it was sealed in front of God and their loved ones. Melt your heart with one of the most touching love stories yet to be told. Miracles do happen. Believe!

Here’s the story of what really happened in Singapore as told by the groom, Zuriel:

“On July 25, 2013, Hannah was supposed to fly home from Singapore and I had a surprise marriage proposal waiting for her. Neither of us knew that we were going to be in the shock of our lives. At 7 in the morning, I received a distress call from Sonjan, Hannah’s brother, asking for help saying she fell. Thinking it was a mere sprain or a gash, I called my cousin Ivy who is a nurse in Singapore telling her to give assistance so Hannah can fly home and I can proceed with the plan. She calls me back a couple of hours later saying Hannah’s CT Scan was negative, but she couldn’t fly home. That’s when it hit me that something really bad has happened. It was then explained to me that Hannah opened a lift door at the 5th floor of her hostel, only to fall down the shaft as the car was parked at the 1st floor. She sustained an 8-cm cut on her head, 5 broken ribs, punctured lungs, and a fractured foot. I texted my family and friends that the surprise proposal is postponed indefinitely, and I booked the first flight I could find to Singapore, which was a 9 pm one.

On the plane, I kept awake anxious of 2 things: 1) If she has amnesia, how do I go about wooing her again? and; 2) If she’s paraplegic, how do I adjust my schedule to give time to take care of her and wheel her around? Thankfully, these fears were put to rest as the first words that came out of Hannah’s mouth was, “Thank you for coming” and though she started on critical condition, her health progressed for the better, faster than any of us, even the doctors, thought. Her recovery from this fall is nothing short of a miracle. Even more amazing was her inner beauty and strength. Seeing her smile everyday was a ray of hope. She had a glow and she brightened up the hospital with it.

She got out of the hospital 10 days after the fall, but had to stay another month to let her lungs heal for the flight home. With the help of friends and family, we settled her and though I had to come back to Manila after two weeks there in Singapore, I promised to come back and fly her home when her lungs can take it. On my last night there, I took her out on a date at Gardens By the Bay, and there, took a knee and asked her to marry me.” – Zuriel


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