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      My Enemy and Me


~If your looking for romance, this is not the place~

There was this boy in my class when I started a new school and went to grade 4 who always caught my eye. Lets call him Jerk. Jerk was the biggest jerk there ever is, he made people cry, was cute (to me), atheletic, best cricket player and my Enemy. I was a really big loser back then, I was so dorky and weird. I thought money was everything and... Basically I was still a little kid and Jerk saw me through all my stages. He was only once in my class, grade 4 thankfully. In grade 5 I avoided him but in grade 6, his brother was in my class and we became friends. Lets call his brother Spy. Spy turned out to be a spy of his brother. Spy lied all the time to me but I always forgave him, I dont know why. I was also a showoff and crybaby back then, and now when I think about it, I wanna just go hit, past me. I was also a midget then, to which Jerk always teased me about. I also started playing football with Jerk, I have no idea why, I just always had this urge to meet him or something. I started understanding Jerk, I got him, how he feels and all. But I still hated him though. He made my life fucking hell. There were still these sparks of whatever the hell. I went early for vacation, and finished middle school. Then, for only 1 year, in grade 7 we went to different schools and I didnt have to see him. It was quite boring though, I dont know why. Then, the next year (this year) he decided to transfer schools and come to mine. MINE! So now this guy goes to my school and since I found out hes coming, I knew hell would break. That he had a new plan. And he did, does. The rumor that HE likes ME. It is all around my school and everybody keeps coming up to me. What the fuck, I wanted to go and beat him up! He always knew how to blow me up. But now im just having patience and coming up with my own plan. I want to show him i've fucking grown up. I dont cry anymore, and he wont win. This war is on Jerk.

I know this year will be interesting, I was bored.

~thanks for reading, sorry it was so long~

Based on a true story


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