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At the age of 13, I was proposed by a girl from the same class I was studying in but I was so nerd that I truly was so frightened and refused. I don't know how she felt but we are still friends. When I realiged what love is one unknown unseen girl came in my life. I couldn't understand what was happening and already fallen in love though I used to stay away from the love thing.

She promised to stay by my side forever beyond life but for a reason se broke the promise and I was almost dead as I was in an honest pain. I believed that true lovers never aparts but belief didn't make any sense. I couldn't make myself calm and attempted suicide by taking 44 sleeping pills at a time but unfortunately I survived... people knows I was failed in the exam but the truth was I even hadn't participate in the exams in horrible hatreds and pain of understanding how one can let other one to die where she knew how intense my love was for her. I was the most bright student in our divisions exans, best player of the team and also a modest boy and now I'm nothing. I believed she still loves me but there's some reasons behind ignoring me. She wants to get back in my life now but I can't let her coz now I lead a life of a dead one... I used to starve for 4-5 days in a row and smoke all day-night long, took tranquilizer injections and now my both kidneys and lungs are damaged seriously (perhaps cancer). You audience tell me didn't I do the right thing by not explaining all these to her? There was bright days and now only darkness I can feel. I want to live longer than 6/7 months more but that is not possible. God betrayed me as I used to believe so much. Hey, don't spoil your own life after being heartbroken coz you sure will get a 2nd chance, make yourself perfect to handle that well. Don't be Hrithik(me).


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