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      Bizarre change


My story starts with my job and a call I made to a house when the door opened my jaw dropped I fell for her in an instant , I did the job and began chatting to the lady who asked me to take on more work for her I could see she was attracted too me so we exchanged phone numbers. That's just the beginning of my story you see the woman is married to an older man but he is very ill so we began as friends but it was obvious we wanted each other more and more , we began what turned out to be a eight month affair of which her husband was agreeable to for he wanted her to be happy on one condition that she did not leave him, the three of us got on great I would do all the jobs they needed doing and took her wherever she wanted to go. We were in love we exchanged hundreds and hundreds of texts she told me how much she loved me and as I did her we made plans for the future for the possibility that her husband will pass she became she became insecure thinking I was cheating on her but told her I would not do that I was madly in love with her, we had intermacy as often as we could and she loved it so much. She had a saying she would repeat too me often " where did I get you from" I was so taken in by her we had great times together and I would lavish gifts on her often, she wanted to take me to New Zealand and other places I thought my life was all but sorted , Christmas was approaching and we sorted out what we were buying each other we seemed happy going on shopping trips together it was heaven for me. Part of this story I forgot to mention they have a very nasty daughter who is part of the problem she knew about us but resented her mother being happy away from her step dad . And now just out of the blue she has cut all ties with me she gave a feeble reason for finishing with me I am deverstated i am beside myself and don't know what to do . I lost my job my love of my life and wonder shall I lose my life I am in a daze


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