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      Never touching love


Every day when I walked to the bus stop there was this one guy sitting inches away from me. He was there everyday just sitting and waiting for something because he never got on the bus. After a while of this I decided to sit there and wait with him to figure out what he waited for day in and day out. The first hour was slightly boring and all he did was sit and read looking up every once in a while. The second hour he put his book away and leaned on his arm closing his eyes listening to everything as I guessed. For a bit I felt as though I should have gotten up but I stayed. The third hour he just looked off in space sadly. I felt the need to ask, "sir every day you sit here and wait, what is it that you wait for?". He looked over at me and smiled,"I'm waiting for my wife. She left last year and forgot to take her cell phone. She never did tell me when she would get back or where she was going but I will wait for that day." I smiled and then left. I never met someone so loyal in my life.


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