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      Longing for Jasmine


To all readers this is a short story about dog called Bumblebee

There was a city called puppylore and this story take place in a locality Dogfield.

Bumblebee is a street dog in the Whitefield and it's a bit famous in area because it used to hang out with so many female dogs for food ( Same garbage lot)

And all these high class female pet dogs believed that I wag my tail @ any girl

Bumblebee got tired and bored of this locality and wanted to move out but right near his shelter ( under the bus stop)

There are 3 huge houses and each home have a  beautiful female pet dog

Bumblebee was in love with the centre house dog Jasmine ( let's call the remains 2 dogs jasmine friend 1 jasmine friend 2)

The best time of bumblebee day is when the 3 dogs go for morning and evening walk he used to follow them wagging his tail leaving behind all his friends

His friends also forgive him for ditching them because they know that he is a dog :-)

And the happiest days are when jasmine friends doesn't come for walk he and his jasmine went  alone for the walk

Bumblebee is so happy that he also want to be a pet dog under the same owner as Jasmine.

Bumblebee used to get biscuits and he used to wait @ KFC all night to get leftover chicken pieces for Jasmine

Seeing jasmine savour that chicken piece while drooling all over the floor made him bark in happiness and she used to also share her pedigree with Bumblebee

So one day he decided that he can't continue to wait for Jasmine to come for walk. So he buckled up puffed up his chest and jumped over the wall to Jasmine backyard.

The owner woke up seeing the stray dog in his backyard he bought a rod and started hitting hit cruelly

In all this pain he was still looking for Jasmine but when his eyes met Jasmine his entire world is shattered because she just ignored him

Alas he is thrown back where he belongs that is on the street

Bumblebee wasn't able to understand why she did so . so when he asked Jasmine next day y she did so . She told that u wag ur tail at every girl and to make it worse she told that seeing u in pain didn't made me sad .

Bumblebee was growling in pain that entire night . His friends came to console him but he want to be left alone .

He decided that from today on I will eat my own biscuits and chicken pieces and will wait for someone who will bring biscuits to him:-):-)

But still he longs for Jasmine all the good memories he could have but he learnt his lesson and some scars never be heale


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