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      Impossible coincidence


we are texting for nearly 4 months and our thoughts, flirting seems to be good , we used to share our feelings through our app status and profile picture ,like I asked do you love me from the line borrowed from a song in my status , she replied in her status that she also wishes to travel with me for a lifetime tats borrowed from a song from an old album , immediately i searched for that song through internet and got that song , from that moment we fell in love ,

when we opt for the first date i was waiting for her and I suddenly thought of buying some gift for her, so I Went to nearby market and there was lot of shops , I chose one shop and went there to inquire and then happened the goddamn coincidence I ever felt.

yes,the same lines from that song was played in the a music system ,if I have been 10 secs before or after I am not going to hear the exact same line , could anyone explain this unimaginable coincidence , Is she is my soul mate or just a wonder.


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