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      "We met at the wrong time. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Maybe one day years from now, we’ll meet in a coffee shop in a far away city somewhere and we could give it another shot.&qu


"We met at the wrong time. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Maybe one day years from now, we’ll meet in a coffee shop in a far away city somewhere and we could give it another shot."

I don't know where to start. well lets just start from the begaining. I don't know if three is anything called as a soulmate or not, if love at first site exist or not. if it does than this is it. I was in grade 9, so young I know. I was standing at a guidance office waiting to make changes to my timetable. There was this guy in front of me, standing there for the same reason. His copy of scheduled fell down, and I helped pick it up. We exchanged smile. When he came out he said bye, and asked me for my class, and I asked for his... it was weird, but there was something in that moment. What is weirder is that we both still didn't know each others name but did know the next class. Well than I see him passing by my art class and we exchanged smile. All this passing by each others class continued for few weeks. Than we started waiting near by each others class for it to end and he would walk me to my next class. We knew each others timetable but we never were in same class. we didn't know each others name for almost a month but knew every class and its location. After that we did finally got to know each others name through our common friends. We started talking on MSN, it was in the time of hi5, orkut and all that jazz. All this continued for very long time. When there came a festival of Navaratri and on the last day of it I asked him if he could come too, but he said he could not because he had to look after his younger brother. He really could not come but I insisted he does. Well he did not tell me he will come, but said he will try. I was gonna tell him that I liked him. But things took different turn, when my father told me I could not go no matter what I told him I was grounded and could not go anywhere. I spent my night crying in my bed. Next day I asked one of my friend who went to the function to see if he showed up, well he did go. Later on he even got mad telling me that why the hell I did not show up and all that. He was upset. I tough that I could slip a note in his locker telling him that I was sorry and also let him know that I liked him, because I just did not get the courage to tell that to his face. Things got bit weird he said that we can not be together because he is not good for me. I thought it was his excuses. Well we started avoiding each other. One day he was in the office for detention. He was not that into studies at that time and I also went to office to drop of attendance sheet and I saw him there. We were still on not talking terms, but I did know his classes and everything , so I went to his teacher after school. His teachers knew me as I was going there before and after his class and she happens to be his homeroom teacher as well. She told me he was slacking of. So despite our differences I told him please study, you need to for better future and your parents would want you to succeed and stuff. As always he brushed it off and said he doesn't care, he doesn't even wanna go to collage and stuff. One last thing I told him if we ever had something he would study and left it at that. And we went by without talking for few days. Than one day we randomly bumped into each other and talked for few minutes and told him that I was going to public library with friends to research for my project asked he wanted to come. He said no, he never goes to library. I said alright and went my way. T my surprise he did show up to the library that day at the same time I told him I would be there. When I confronted him, he said he had a overdue book, and in my mind I was like before few hours you told me that you never go to library. But I didn't say anything and I asked if he would like to help me with my research and he said yes. And one day we just were talking on MSN and I was also making something to eat but I got burned so told him that I am logging of because I burned my finger, although he says that he doesn't care but he came by my apt to see if I was ok. But still we didn't really talk as much as before and gradually he distanced himself and said things that hurt me so we parted our ways for good. Soon after his family moved and he changed school. He still kept coming to our school because he had friends here, but we never spoke. After 2 years I was taking a course in night school and so was he. That is when I saw him one last time. It was for a brief moment We did not speak that day either and I haven't seen him after that. He moved to USA and I went to university, I also moved. I finished university, got married. But till this day I love him the same. I see his Facebook and other social media once in a while, he has finished his graduation from university as well, and is doing well. I don't know if the feeling I have for him even after all this are justified or not. No matter how much time passes by his memories and this feeling are as fresh as yesterday. SK is the only guy that I have ever loved so dearly and unconditional and will do so till forever. I still keep hoping that someday we will meet again.


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