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      He might be my soulmate


Have you ever look up for what it is a soulmate? Well, I don't know how silly I will sound pretending I've found it, even because for my age everybody would say immediately that I'm too young, but age doesn't matter at all, does it?

I don't know if this is a heartache story or a love story; but, I will put it in Love Story category because between that two options, I wish this was a good happy story.

I'll try to relate this story as easy for the reader, so here it comes. March 2013, I moved to Chile, where my dad lives, so yeah, I was 2013. I had a friend and she talked of her best friend with me several times. I didn't take it as important at that time of course, it was just her best friend and he studied in another school. I have to say that when I met him, I never thought he would be this important for me. You know, there are some people that you may like since the first day you looked at them; I never felt that. I met him in person, I don't remember it perfectly but I do still have the scenario inside my head. Well, after this, nothing happened; I didn't felt anything. I had at that time my best friend in common with him and her other best friend used to talk me at that year, so we had a little channel of communication I guess.

At the year 2014, I was gone of Chile, the plan is that I would live there for a year and then return with my mom. At that year for some reason he stopped being friends with his two best friends and I also lost communication with them, at the same time. Well, 2014 passed away, nothing important, I don't even remember if I saw him in an occasion because I travel a lot to Chile and I visit often because of my family.

Starting 2015 he just talked to me once via Facebook, it was indifferent for me. For some reason, he started to be friends with exactly my friends that lived there. I don't how everything happened, but in April I remember I was going to have my 15 years old party. Before that, I remember that we had a instagram game in which consisted that for every "like" he gave to each other photo, we had to kiss. I swear I didn't liked him, but I followed the game so he did. I don't really remember how that game started to be honest. Well, whatever he was invited to my party because he was friend with my friends. So yeah, everything was good in that party, except that a boy that I used to have feeling for him -and he perfectly knew- has by my side kissing with a girl, yeah.. So I grabbed Joseph -that's his name, the one of the whole story- and told him he owed me twenty something kisses, so we kissed twenty times in the other boy's face. While we were kissing, he was smiling, so I was. I still have that video, it give me chills everytime I watch it. That's it, then I return where I lived and we just kinda talk, not a lot to be honest. I remember I cried, just a little I guess.

I returned to Chile in July 2015. We saw each other a lot to be honest. We had moments of hand grabbing and all that stuff. We didn't kiss or anything, but he hugged a lot like we meant it. To be fair, even if he didn't talked to me while I was in the there pole of the continent, no boy had ever had the face, the smile, when they looked at me. There was something going on. My last day we had a party on a friend's house. I consumed a lot of alcohol. I don't remember anything, but I remember that when I poked -I know, that's disgusting-, he cleaned up me. He took care of me, yes, I get often the comments like, "you are stupid, it is obvious he abused of you", but that's not true. There were also some friends watching and they really take care of me. I told him I loved him, I don't remember what he did, but I do remember that he slept with me and tell me to don't worry. That night my dad went for me, I couldn't walk. He wasn't mad or anything, my dad is that type of people that think that are just experiences and that people should learn of them. Well, the next day I was going to the airport, I was very upset for all that happened, it was my last day and I didn't took it for talking to him; I didn't even remembered what happened. When I gave my passport and the permission to go out of the country -as my parents are divorced-, they didn't let me pass because it didn't had a requisite. I returned happy because I really didn't want to live without seeing him in a good state. We met the day after, everything was okay. He wasn't different with me. When we said goodbye I cried a lot. But well, alright.

As time passed, I start having a huge crush on a boy on my school; so I kind of forget Joseph. It was essential to be fair, I would be suffering a lot without him. On December 2015 (now) I met with him again. I was 100% sure I wasn't going to feel anything; but I did. I swear I try everything, I even try to fall for other guys but it just don't work. I see that face I have described before and I fall over. Love does hurts, a lot. Joseph doesn't have the characteristics I can say for the ideal boy, but he makes me feel things I've never felt before. We make lists in our heads looking when the perfect person but the truth is that, we never knew what we want until we have it in front of us. He invited me to his house, when his two best friends went away he singed beautiful songs and we had fun just watching funny videos and eating pizza. I won't change that for 12 red roses on February or for a big stuffed bear holding a stuffed heart. I will fight for his heart. Some people said me "don't meet with him, you will just be very disappointed and sad when you return", but that's the last advice I could follow. It is better to have scars for fighting, than having clear skin for not trying.

After all, I told my mom I wanted to study in Chile because I had big fights with many friends. Without that fights, without that decision, I wouldn't went to Chile. If my first best friend didn't change of school, I would never met him. Call it destiny or not, but I think our souls are meeting constantly and that I'm falling in love all over for a reason.


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