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I was born alone and Jesus never send someone to my life to be my friend and all thought of things that's the reason I do things on my own to avoid being criticized and judged .from now on I don't have what people call friend what I have is brothers and sisters

Not everything in life will be fair ,not everything in life will please you,I know all of that that's the reason why I don't berg where I don't benefit and sometimes I do things which seems to be selfish to enjoy being I and myself in this crazy world of ours.

I'm sorry if I disgust you but know this I won't

leave my life the way you want I'm sorry. I live my

life the way I want if you feel like its not enough Go

where its enough. Let me make my mistakes so that

I can learn don't make me do the right things because I

won't know the wrong ones.

Friends sometimes sucks, One reason why I stick to myself is to avoid complications from a friend.

I know that you may think I'm wrong but I know I'm

right maybe its time our friendship ends you don't

need me so do I.

I live my life only to impress my creator and the people he brought to my life I know one sister given to me by God Moraine Munyai


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