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      Strange love


My name is carol from Samar.I have boyfriend from Australia named Daimon. The first time I meet him to be honest Yes I admire him, he's cute,tall and handsome.

This coming October 8 his 22'th birthday. I don't know what should I do to make him happy, because I'm in the . series now of trials. Where staying in the house of his dad but his dad has a girlfriend she's a filipina then where having now a guts she accusing me the thing that I didn't do. She said to me at first if I am the one who was telling shit about her to daimon's father she will kick me off in the house but I said to her I'll never do that i swear.

After that I'm still good to them.In the morning I heard that they are cleaning with the maid they are talking about me said"" yeah she is an idiot to love the foreigner who don't have money";( I heard that. I was mad and not feeling well so I decided to take a shower then going to sm watching movie instead of staying in the house,when i go out in the room i saw thier cleaning im still smiling and nothing happened even thier talking about me.

After 2days im not going out in the room unless my boyfriend is not still in the house and I'm not talking to them, they will observed that,that I'll changed.

Then now she's also not talking to me and ignoring me too.You know what the maid said to me "You should say sorry to her or make some efforts. Huh! I can do that but its more hurt to me;(

And Daimon know about what's happening. It will makes me uncomfortable here in the house. I want to go back Samar instead of staying here of nothing.

But I really care about my boyfriend I really love him but he cannot understand my situation my feelings. I love him so much even do its really hard for me of dealing with the person who will make you shit after all the friendship.

I don't know if it is the end of my friendship with her.

And my boyfriend birthday also is coming I don't want to make him sad on his birthday. But how about me,my self my situation in this house.I hope I'm strong enough to say goodbye but i am to weak in the named of love.


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