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      Wrong person to fall inlove with


i am a second year student at college, i had always been the type of person that didnt care about love stuffs therefore in my whole life i also had never been intimate with any male person, i always found it bizarre for people to cry over someone whom they met on the journey of their lives. early this year my female friend had a friend from her class and since we all stay in the same place we all became friends, on our journey of friendship i realised that this guy and i cared for each in more than a friendship way but none of us said anything instead we both kept it to our selves since i knew that he had a girlfriend in another province. one afternoon when we were at my female friend's home after studying we watched television in order to refresh our minds, we saw people kissing and the three of us started arguing about kissing then one thing led to another and this guy and i kissed, truth is that kiss stayed in my mind for a very long time, we both enjoyed it, he was the first one to kiss me and i responded too with a clear mind cause of the feelings i had for him i also wanted to do that for a long time now. after that day things started to get confusing between us, he would get jealous of seeing me with other guys, i had a guy friend long before him and after that day i had mentioned before that this friend of mine seem to be inlove with me and it was never a problem from before but after we shared that kiss he started having problems with me hanging out with this friend of mine and he would intimidate him facially until my friend and i lost touch with each other. when time goes on things started getting serious between me and this guy wwe used to kiss more often than most usual couples, i fell inlove with him more and more day by day and i believed he did the same with me too but he loved his girlfriend too. the came a time in our duration of love that made me want to leave him alone but the more i tried to separate myself from him its the more i fell inlove with him, we had so many great experiences with him, when we first got to know each other i was still a virgin had never shared my body with anyone and the time we spend together was fo fabulous i wanted him to be my first but each and everytime we be together we would kiss and do all the lovey dovey stuffs but when we were supposed to make love something in me would hold me back and i woild pulkl through, we went to different places together and had more fun with him in few months than i ever would have in my life if i hadnt met him.One night we were kissing and he put his hand inside my jean to reach for the swollen front of my body which felt good and a bit confusing at the same time, it was amazing and unexplainable but instead of going further with him as usual i pulled back and he ket me do, he always said to me he would never force me to do something i wasnt ready to do. i loved that guy and he loved me too but he had a girlfriend in snother province and maybe thats one thing that held me back night i told myself that i was going to make love with him and ont hat same day when we were together and ready to make love a lady called on his phone and he answered the call and i could overhear the starting conversation and that lady called this man''baby'' at that moment i told myself that no matter how hard and painful it might be i am going to stop loving this guy, but i always went back to this guy. on his birthday i spend a night with him and he broke my virginity that night and from then i cry everytime because as much as i loved him i feel he wasnt worth my virginity, he said to me a day after i broke my virginity when i caleed him he said to me why do i have to call him so often its not like we are dating we were just two friends caught in the moment, i tried to remind him of how many times he had told me he loved and asked if all that was just a cheap talk, he said to me he loves me alot but niot enough to let go of his girlfriend. after he told me those things i went home and only to learn that i was pregnant and i wanted to destroy it but something in me said i musnt so i kept it to myself until i gave birth then i gave birth to two handsome twin boys. i only live for them right now.


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