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I know this guy for so long. I like him... No... I actually love him.

We're not that really close but we're friends. I fell in love with this guy because of everything that he has. He's not perfect but he has something that every girl would fall for.

He's a gentleman, kind, generous, funny, smart, carefree, and most of all; he has his own ways of making every girl feel beautiful and special. He treats every girl rightfully.

I never confess my feelings to him cause actually he was having a mutual understanding with someone. Everytime I saw him and her being teased by people, I always end up being hurt yet still acting like it's just fine and I also ship you guys.

One day, I heard that he and his girl are not having a thing for each other anymore. Why? It's because he found out that he was just the girl's rebound and doesn't love him the way he do.

I felt sad for him. I wanted to comfort him and tell him that I was here and was always willing to catch you.

Four months have passed and it's valentines day. I made a card and a chocolate for him. I will confess my feelings to him. My friends are with me and they will make a way for me and the guy to be alone together. I will confess now cause he's not with someone anymore. I'm free to try.

Then finally, the time has come. He was now in front of me, looking strangely at me. He's eyes is asking me something. I feel nervous that I'm already sweating.

"I wanted to tell you something." I started. He didn't response. It looks like he was just only waiting for me to tell him everything that I'm going to say. "I've been hiding this for like a years now. I didn't try to tell you this before cause I know that you have a thing with someone but now... I know that you're not into her anymore so... Ummm..I-I--I love you!" I close my eyes as I've said those.

After I say those words. I can hear nothing. Then suddenly, I felt a hand raising my face. And it was him. I met his eyes and I can't read it. He took a deep breath then... "I'm sorry... But... I was with her, again. We make up and we're officially together now."

I wanted to cry. How can I be so stupid? How did I miss that? I wanted to cry.

I run away from him.

I was mistaken...

He's still with someone... Worst, they're official now.

And I wish my feelings for him was just also mistaken.


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