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      Being Alone


I was a single mother and its not easy what im suffering from my past relationship, Its hard for me being in the situation i never dreamt of, Im the breadwinner in the family. I thought that were just a happy couple and my boyfriend always support me all the way.. We make plans for our future while were continue helping our own family. I cant see any problems in our relationship until one day i felt that something went wrong, we never live in the same house although im already pregnant because of his work and also having a conservative family.. Im not a jealous girlfriend because I trust him a lot. I never thought that after what we go through, our differnces in everything, and after we fought for our love in my family i really never expect that he could leave me alone with no communications, that's the sadness part of my life being the one to carry all my problems, the pain and heartaches, leaving all the question why it would happened to me??.and the hope that maybe he would comeback someday and we could be a happy family.. i cant help but to cry everynight i know its not good for my health being stress while im pregnant but cant help to think all off this.. i just remember that a tears fell down in my eyes while im just sit alone and that someone says " Ms. Are you ok? It turn back to my senses and , i Said" yes im ok i just remember my favorite movie" i just lied to hide the pain. Financially and emotionaly im totally down, But i know i need to be strong for my baby, i ask God to please give me a sign to start moving on or should i need to wait him??.. One day i got a news that he is married, he go away because he had another relationship and that woman got pregnat also, im just 3 months pregnant ahead... The worst is he never try to call me or to explain and say sorry for leaving us and care even to our child. He said to his new wife that we dont have child and dont ever belive in me.. I hurt so much for this, its fine with me that he ignore me but not my Child. From this moment I finally made a decision to move on. Yes i maybe a loser now, i accept it.. But i believe that God has a good plan for me and to my child, i promise to myself that i will focus and give all the love to my daughter..Lesson learns for everthing, never love and trust too much. Be strong and positive for any problems thay may come along..


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