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      Childhood friends to love CONFUSED please help


I often fell ashamed of myself that i am such a shy girl.i remember quite well how confident i was during my childhood days.i wish my childhood days could come back.when i was small i had a friend who was my father's friend's son.we were very good friends and used to talk a lot.once while we were playing lock and key with my cousins he was the one who had to catch and he was running after me,suddenly he or maybe i ,i actually don't remember,lost the balance and he fell over me!!!!we kept on looking at each other's eyes till our cousins helped that time i was in standard 3 and he was in 5.slowly slowly we began losing contact.i even changed my school which formed a great barrier between us.once when i was in 6 he came to my house,everybody was in the living room while i was in my bedroom doing my homework.suddenly he came to my bedroom singing a romantic song.i almost started blushing and even he smiled took a pen and went out.from that time i started thinking about him and fell in love with him . i wanted to confess my thoughts but i was worried whether he felt the same.when i was in 9 i gathered courage and send him friend request on face book .he accepted my request and i was on cloud nine then i messaged him hi and he replied say i had nothing to ask so i said what's up ,he read my message but never replied.and he has turned off chat for me.

i don't know what to do i still love him and want him please suggest what i should do please please suggest.

i don't know what are his thoughts towards me whenever he comes to my house he blushes and stares and me. please friends suggest what i should do -- should i forget about him and move on which i can't or should i confess my thoughts i am even scared of that because his father knows my father and if my father get's to know he will not spare me and moreover if he dose not has any thoughts for me whenever he would visit my house i would fell very odd and would never be able to talk to him in future..PLEASE FRIENDS SUGGEST WHAT I SHOULD DO


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