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    Her name was Autum, she rode my school bus. I saw her everyday throughout seventh grade. I didn't think much of her at first since she was a Freshman. Little did I know she would be the biggest impact on my life.

    She moved to Oklahoma the year before but I didn't recognize her and really know she was there until seventh grade. She sat by me quite a few times, always very awkwardly. We sat there never saying a single word to each other. We'd always glance back at the people behind us making jokes and look at each other, smiling and laughing a little but never saying anything. I always felt connected to her.

      One day, I was sitting on the other side of the bus hanging out with my friend and I'd glance at her every now and then and catch her staring at me. She didn't look like she had too good of a day at all. So I looked at her and smiled, and what I got back was the most beautiful, breathtaking smile I've ever witnessed in my life.

       Time went by, summer came, a whole summer without that cute little girl that sat across the bus from me. It seemed like it was gonna be a long summer. Two weeks into summer, I was sleeping at my mom's house. I had a dream, a dream with her in it, we kissed and hugged and it all seemed just perfect. I woke up with my face in the pillow. I realized just how much I wanted her that day, so I looked for her everywhere, I found her on Facebook and added her.

    Another two weeks pass by, I'm laying on the couch at my dad's house, I see a notification pop up on my phone, "Autum has accepted your friend request". I was so excited, she texted me. We talked all day, we planned on hanging out. T

   The time came and we walked around my mom's neighborhood just talking about everything. We had plenty of cute little moments that day. But at the end she asked me if I wanted to go to this field in our neighborhood, and of course I said sure. We walked down there, under the tree at the back of the field. We were talking and I was walking around being stupid. She says to me "Why are you walking so far away from me". So me being myself I tried to annoy her by getting in her face and saying "Is that better?". But then she moved her face closer to mine and kissed me. 

       I couldn't believe it. It was everything I wanted right there. I wasn't expecting it at all. But it was amazing. I went home soon after that head over heels madly in love.

      The weeks that followed we saw each other a few times and had great times together. But, then the Fourth of July came. We decided to hang out that day. We hung out the whole day from afternoon to after dark. We watched the fireworks and even kissed a few times. I walked her home that night and I knew that there was no way I could have been any happier. 

        School came back around, we always sat by each other on the bus now. We hung out multiple times after school. But there was one time in particular that me and her were sitting out in a field listening to music. I looked at her and told her that I loved her, she responded telling me she loved me to and we kissed.

          It was September. My birthday was right around the corner. Personal things happened with Autum and her family, she was being forced to move out to a small town in Tennessee. I would never see her again for months.

           I called her every single night while she was there. I made sure everything was okay and loved her. Eventually, something smoothed over in her life and she was able to move back to Oklahoma. We didn't see each other for a while after she moved back but we still talked everyday. 

           She finally came over one day and this is where things between us began to get more sexual. We did a lot of things in two weekends, but I don't think I should mention what. 

          After those weekends, we hit a downfall in our relationship. She has problems committing to me because of our age difference and eventually we would stop talking for long periods of times. I still loved her throughout it all. No matter what happened I loved her. 

           But, then one day, we started talking again. Nothing was in the way of me and her. We could be together with no strings attached. We started dating for real. We dated for years until we both got out of high school, we both went to different colleges but always stayed in touch. When we both graduated from college we met up again. We decided to move to a place in New York City. We stayed there for years. One day we were walking around Manhattan and her favorite dog a teacup husky, her forever puppy as she called it, ran up to her with a necklace on that had a box attached to it. She picked up the dog petting it. She opened up the box to find a note in it. The note said "Will you marry me?". I reached into my pocket and got on one knee. I opened the box with the ring in it and held it up. She said yes and we were so happy. We got married and lived in New York City for a few years longer. She was pregnant, and we decided not to raise a child in such a big city. We moved out to Alaska and stayed in a big house. She gave birth to our first child, a little boy. We named him Kurt since we both loved Nirvana so much. Then, a few years later she was pregnant again with another baby. She gave birth to our second child, who was a baby girl. We named her Jillian, but Autum nicknamed her Jillybean. Our kids grew up and moved out. Me and her were on our own for the rest of our lives. We would go outside and stare up at the northern lights together. It was the fourth most beautiful thing I've ever seen, other than Autum and the kids. We grew old together. We stuck by each other through everything. We lay in bed, tonight holding each other close. Loving like no other. We kiss each other. We lay here feeling ourselves drift away. We look into each other's eyes, knowing it is the last time we will. We close them, and hold each other as we slowly fall asleep, never to wake again.


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