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      Chapaaaati and lady's finger


I have no regret that I am not with my love now. He is very far away from me. And I will never meet him in this birth. Maybe I will meet him, I am not sure. But I was loving him, i am loving him and I will be loving him. I have faith on God that in next birth he will be mine and only mine. Cant explain him on phone. I cant even chat with him. But my every second of life is made for him and only him. I am living because he is existing someewhere around me. Ohh!! Too much I am confusing you people. Let me tell you story from the very beginning.

For me love is a very different feeling. If I felt love for someone then i ll be loving him from my whole heart without any benefits and condition. How to start and how to say. I am feeling like crying while writing all these.

The story began with a training. I met a guy on training. Somehow I didn notice him and didn even care about him in the beginning. He was also very busy in his life. We both were very unknown to each other in the beginning. We use to go for lunch and dinner with a group of friends. In that group of friends we both wr also dere but we never noticed each other in that way. we wr just friend. slowly slowly we becam very close friends. In our friends grup six members were dere but we became very close like we use to do fun and use to create all non sense drama in grup for fun and all. One evening, I still remember, I wrote

"i love u" on his palm. That was totally in fun. i TOLD HIM TO REPLY NEXT DAY. Next day he came and behaved as if nothin happened between us and we both are still normal friends.

Turning point in story came when he said i love u too on phone. Frankly speaking we both were playing with each other. We both were doing drama of loving each other. But inside we both were playing with each other for tympass. After that we decided like we both will franly do time pass wit each other till training classes will get over. After that we both will be friends. No more girlfriend boyfriend relation.

Days passed, we enjoyed a lot. We started talking on phone. We started roaming some places together. We started hanging out together. And we felt we started loving each other. The situation was like we both became addicted for each other. tHE CONDITION BECAME VERY SENSITIVE. We started loving each other very madly. The feeling of true love was like .....I cant even explain in words. I felt like I got the one for whom i got birth. I started feeling like if there is any feeling of love is there on earth it is""lookin continuously at his face or spending time with her. Seeing his face for more than hours ...And i can say we both started loving each other madly. we use to hang out n our freinds group only but mentally we both were together only. And finally the day came, the last day of our training. I cant even explain how much i cried when he called me and said..come out your hostel. I will be reaching your hostel in half an hour. Will see you for last time. God knows when we will meet again in life. I cried like anything when i heard this on phone. I got ready soon and was waiting for him on hostel gate. He along with his friends came and i met him on the last day, we had maggi on last meeting. our last breakfast together.After that he left for his state, I also left for my state, We both became separated,,,

I cant even explain how much i miss him. I do have his contact, buit icant talk to him. I love him and only him. I am living my life in the hope that in next birth definitly i will get u. In this birth maybe i am not urs but n next u r mune only. I know u r not that much sentimental. And u ll be gettinh more oppotunities, Time ll fly. anD U LL FORGET ME. But u r n me, inside my soul. I use to feel ur presence inside me always. U r my inspiration to live. U r the hope of my life, U r the reason of my life. Love u miss u every seconds of my life...

I cried so many times mostly at night in dark by looking at walls. I use to call ur name and cry. Hope u ll listen or feel that some one is missing u very much..

I love u ......I have regret and need to blame god ..y he did dis with me. y he took u away from u


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