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      Re-crushing Him


I've had this crush with a popular guy in our school for 2 years. He was the department president and resident cool dude everyone adores. But I guess he was obviously too busy with other things for him to notice me. Like, who am I? Many people call me a study geek because I always get high grades in school. And it's as if he'll ever notice me. I am clearly not his type. But I eventually forgot my feelings for him. I met other people. I've decided to stop the nonsense I've been thinking about me and him. That is just beyond impossible.

But after a year, he asked me to join a certain event he is taking part of. And of course, I accepted the favor not because he was my ex-crush but because I also like camping which was his favor. When the big day came, I spent my time with my friends who also came with me. But the following events suddenly blew my mind.

I was having a very bad cold and needed to take medicine as soon as possible. My friend addressed that problem to him. I was surprised to see him approaching with a glass of water and a medicine which I dont know where he got. It was very surprising since that time, we are on a far place where me and my team are doing a summer challenge. Next is there was a time during night when he wanted to refill the water bottles for us to have stocks of it. He then asked me if I could come with him to refill it. The whole time he was talking, I was just answering him with a smile or giggle. Because I can clearly hear my heart beating abnormally. And on the last night of camp, everyone requested if we can choose who we want to sleep with. And they agreed. Supposedly, I was going to sleep between his bestfriend and my friend. But when I got back to see the sleeping positions, I saw his bestfriend lying on my crush's bed position. Bottomline, I was going to be sleeping next to him! When he got back, I was expecting for him to ask his bestfriend why they exchanged positions. But he didn't! He just lie there comfortably beside me. When people turned the lights off on our quarters, I told myself that maybe I shouldn't overthink. Everything will be back to normal the next day. So I slept peacefully. By midnight, I took the small pillow from my head and placed it beside me to hug it. But then, he started to put his arms around me while he was asleep. My eyes were closed that time but I was conscious. I didn't know what to do! I was lost in the moment! I slowly took the pillow his arms are blocking because I know he was actually after hugging the pillow. He only thought it was me.But he then took off his arms around me and we both slept again.

Now that camp is over, I clearly regained my feelings for him. But I don't want to expect too much from it. Especially that the best things happened in such a short span of time.


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