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      Wrong love


Hi ,i am 29 years old, married for 6 years. I have a nice husband and 5 years old son. I am happy to see everyday my husband and son because they are lovable, eventhough we are going to the point of misunderstanding, still there is love and sweetness in my hubby and son. Times come my husband and i decided to be apart, her sister wants us to come in abroad ,Canada. Because its not easy to migrate ,my husband decided to let me go and fly meant im just only one whos going, so now im here in canada and working and planning to get my permanent resident so i can get them here after 3 years. So here my story, while working i was deciding here in canada to have sideline to earn more money. So my sister inlaw recomended me in her friend,she introduced me with her friend and her husband friend, they are both nice. I worked to her friend as housekeeper and they did like my service to them. So one time my sister in law friend are asking me for favor meant, she wants me to work in their house again,but this time shes family is going abroad for 3 months, she gave me the trust to manage and clean their house while theyre not at home, and another favor is i will work with her husband, because her husband need going back after 1 month ,because he is working too. So here we are after 1 month, he came back home and recognized me as goodfriend and worker. He used to called me when he needs me like doing cleaning his mess,laundry etc, Because of this work,or working with him, i did not expect he intentionally looking at me,inviting me to have dinner with him,and sometimes he suprising me by giving some gifts. And i really appreciated his personality as friend. We enjoyed this time were together at home while im working, and i did not noticed that were both falling inlove each other. We cant stop our self and we decided to try it like saying that we both missing our partner. But we both wrong this love grows wild, like we dont want to stop being inlove each other. We did have sex, so bad we enjoyed it. And until his wife comes, we still doing affair. Im very guilty that im doing this and beside i know its a wrong love but how we controll it we both love each other, and even him he cant loose me. Many times i tried to stop it, but he still cant loose me. He did everything to save me, he used to call even midnight to bog me and asking to love him. And hes bad because hes willing to divorce to his wife because of me. I dont know what to do, im doing bad too, because right now im loving him. How can i stop this if i love him now so much and its hard i cant stop.Hows my husband and son waiting for me. Im so weak.


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