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I met her in church and thought that she and I had a future. She changed and became full of herself. Our relationship began to have no meaning. I approached her one church evening and she just looked at me and walked on like I never existed. Then things started going wrong. People around me died and most of them were from both our clans. Villagers started harrasing me and asking me why I had left her. I told them I had no choice but to leave her since she is in close contact with a priest's nephew. They did not want to listen to I and called me arrogant. Then the priest died and I got looked at like I had killed him. They said I should have not fallen in love with her in the first place. That I had killed the priest to hurt both she and the priest's nephew. I told them that I stopped loving her since the day she told me live, before other young congregants that she never loved me in the first place and i should stop using her grandmother to get closer to her. I kept quiet and continued living my life single because no other woman made sense to I than her. Only her pride stood between us and love. I sent numerous word-of-mouth love messages to her through our fellow church members but again, she snubbed me. I then saw her playing with young boys when her grandmother was at work. She said out loud;'Hang in there friends and don't be scared of nothing.' I walked past her homestead because it was clear to I what she was saying was aimed at I. Four months on when my niece told me; 'Uncle, what we thought would be our aunty is pregnant.' I died inside. I have since moved on in life but not at all in a serious relationship but, trouble can't seem to leave me alone. Young women who look alike keep killing their men and they look like her. Again, I am being warned by villagers to steer clear of her. I don't know why they skip telling that to her man because she is married and I am single.


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