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      Mourning lost love


My heart hurts and sometimes I feel as though I am mourning a death. I fell in love with a man. I gave the relationship my all. Still I came up short.

Something else won his soul. I honestly gave it all I had and then some, my love, my all and it wasn't enough. Sometimes I ask why. Sometimes I don't care why. I just know that I have suffered a loss.

It wasn't death that took him away, it wasn't even another woman, it was a drug. With all the help and support that is out there. Why wasn't he willing to get the help to keep us together? What was wrong with him that he couldn't see where he was headed? Why doesn't he feel the loss too? I know my heart will heal in time. I know that I feel good these past few months without all the aggravation. I love my peace of mind and I thank God for the support system I have in place.

But sometimes, when I am alone and have time to think I wonder if there is a colour for mourning lost love.


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