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      The Camp 4-4-2011


Ever since I was a young girl up to adulthood, I never thought of entering into a boyfriend relationship. Single blessedness is the life I wanted to live, my aspirations since childhood, adolescence and adulthood.But I met this man, who seem to be unintentionally in my dreams, although without any desire for a love relationship. I don't know what I feel, he preoccupied most of my thoughts, inspiration and missing him. Then I read stories, just to confirm what I feel. I love him, and a just knew through my cousin, his bridge towards me that he loves me, too. He wanted to marry me and have a family, till old age, but then he only relay the message to my cousin. Since 2011, almost five years now,2015... I always tried to avoid him, we met only on certain special occasions like birthdays, christmas and other significant occasions, for me it's better to be just ' best friends '. I told my cousin, to tell him, i will never marry. But he is so persistent, that I am his 'one and only Love, although he went through 3 pained relationships wherein he did not find ' true love '.

But I still insist on my decision to remain single blessed at 49 years old, till old age. That we will just be 'best friends forever ' till old age. Keeping love that way.


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