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      Laudate Vestrum


When i was younger i use to think that the term "soul mate" meant some stranger that i had never met before and was the only person i was ever meant to be with. As an adult, i know life is not like that. There are an infinite number of possibilities in this world for people to become couples, as many possibilities as the stars in the sky.

I met Tamile through the internet, just by random chance. I still remember the first time we met in person at a restaurant and had lunch together. After we left the restaurant , i was daring enough to kiss her in the parking lot. I knew from the start that i had found someone special, someone that i wanted to know better and become close to.

5 years later, we are still together. We have had our rocky times, i was dumb enough to walk away for awhile and came to my senses months later. We have joined our family together, and like a lot of families, we have had hard times between kids, jobs, and finding a long lasting place to live. We have almost came to the point of splitting up even, because of the issues that life can present, but today we can still say we are together.

One thing i have come to learn about this world is that choice and fate mysteriously walk hand in hand, every choice we make has a fate to it, so the future is preset in some form or another. This is like the stars in the sky, we know the stars were there almost from the beginning of time, they are still there today, and most likely will still be there until the end of time. They are constant through time.

Tamile, my love for you has been constant, just like the stars themselves. It does not matter what happens to me through time, whether i live to be an old man chasing you in the retirement home, or fate takes me sooner, know that my love for you will always be there. You have become the person i want to spend my life with, to share my heart with, to grow old with, and when we are long gone from this world, our love will still be constant. You have become my soul mate.

I made a place for us in the heavens called Laudate Vestrum which in latin means "Forever Yours"



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