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      What is love?


True love... the feeling where you want to be with someone for the rest of your life, the person you yearn for, your soul-mate, don't think you need to find that person so early on in life, even if you do you are still not guaranteed forever, and you never will be.

When your in love you just know it, it's where you get chest pains when your apart, the kind where the thought of breathing kills you because its just proof that you CAN live without them, and where all the pain is worth it just to see their smile, hear their voice or be in their arms, to hear them whisper in your ear the secrets only lovers know. The kind that for everything else the world stops.

So tell me this, who do you find happiness with? which person if they walked out of your life at any given moment it would tear you apart from the inside out and leave your soul reaching as far as possible only to be denied that incredible feeling from ever coming back into its grasp from which it had been torn?

Find that person.... tell them you love them... the only words regretted are the words never said.

I love you Luis Tato


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