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      Failing to let go......


here iam not even sure of what to say but still feel i have a story to tell.He is the one i love,i cant stop thinking about him.t'has been my prayer since we seperated that i should be able to let go.

we met at work ,never thought i would date him, we were so different and never imagined us together because im a single mother and he is single.we were just workmates but we were comfortable around each other.we eventually started dating but with no committment,our relationship grew stronger and for the first time in my life i felt so much in love.i felt so loved and he was the reason why i woke up with a smile every morning

but because we were different we never promised to marry.i felt he loved me and i loved him too but all these sorrounding circumstances didnt allow us to be together forever.i feel i had met my soulmate, someone to spend my whole life with but our differences in marital status seemed to take much precedence over our love.friends and relatives told us we wont make it together but deep down my heart i felt he was the only guy i was able to give my all.

we tried to seperate three times but we both found ourselves back together again.right now we seperated and he is with another girl i believe but still he wants me back.i have told myself i will not go back to him again.i have discovered that it hurts to hold on to something you know would never be yours in any way i just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last some dont even start.

i still love him but i want to let go......


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