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      Forbidden Love


Miss Geralyn Lim Hui Min,

My secret and heart wrenching love for you for almost 3 years has been tough for me to keep bottled up. It hurts to see you grow more and more heart breakingly beautiful each and every moment i steal glances at you...I feel like exploding everytime our eyes meet as i bite my tongue and threaten myself not to say anything foolish.. My heart melts whenever you praise me or smile at me. I don't think I can ever stop these ridiculously crazy feelings for you.. I've been trying to stop crushing and loving you for these three years, but to no avail. Sometimes I feel like a stake has been driven through my heart whenever I come to realisation that you already have someone.whom you probably love very much... What am I even talking a...bout... I'm wayyyyyy to young for you my love... I don't think this is even q fling or a crush.. Loving you for 3 years secretly isn't easy.. I feel like smacking myself repeatedly whenever I think of you.. I just can't help these feelings.... I wish i could do something about it.... But it's a good thingthat i won't have to see you again next year... I hope i would be well over you by then. Whenever i see you.. It feels as though you are then one instead of gravity pulling me down onto earth.. I don't even know if this is even love or a crazy infatuation... i'll miss u forever my dear're the most beautiful woman in my heart and will always be... You're so talented and u make a great teacher. I love you.. I wish you knew who I was...But things will never work out..


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