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      Krow & Owl


I never met a man so charming. When we first met, I was in a rough place in my life and was fearful of love, reluctant to give what I had left. Yet, he casted his spell upon me with a lie. And I fell. The most excruciating part was how in sync with my thoughts he was. "I love you." "I want you gone." "Please don't leave me." "This is nothing." "You are my world." It became a constant circle of pushing me out and bringing me back. I couldn't cut the line for he had full control. Imprisoned in my own dream. And at first it was all okay. I was okay with it because I knew deep down he loved me.

Oh, how wrong I was.

After a while, things got bad. I was trapped at home while he was out with other girls. I was left alone with the expectation of never going out while he was gone, keeping the house clean, and to answer all his calls. I simply abided by his rules because I loved him. I took the hits because I loved him. I stopped socializing because I loved him. I forgot who I was.. because I loved him.

Without him, I had nothing. Without him, I was wrong. And when he left, I lost everything including my mind. Permanently damaged by his abuse, I couldn't help myself. And I slipped and fell in my own disaster. I spun out. Replaying every lie ever shoved down my throat. I was left alone by only thing I loved. My blackbird clipped my wings and fled. The krow fooled the owl into thinking pain was love. And I would never fly again.



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