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I met my boyfriend in a social networking site and we're more than half year now. On our first month, I learned that he only liked be because I had a resemblance with her DEAD ex girlfriend but soon enough he confessed that he really do love me for me, I was contented with it since I do love him and trust him. One time he called me "hon" instead of our endearment "mahal", I was confused but pretended that I didn't read "hon" but after a few days he called me hon again,so I started asking questions about her ex and found out that he calls her hon, much to my disappointment and sadness I still ignored it but when he called me hon the third time I confronted him, but in the end, we end up coming to an agreement that WE should put her in the past and forget about her. Recently, he did call me hon again and that brought tears to my eyes and without thinking I asked him "would there ever be a time when I can have you on my own and not share you with her?" He was shocked, I was hurt. Up until now I haven't spoke to him nor sent even a single message and does he.


I just wanted to share my story because I can't seem to bear the pain anymore, it hurts, it really does and I don't even know what to do anymore, I tried helping him to move on and forget about his past, but its just not enough </3


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