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      Dreams do come true <3



It was three days after my birthday in the year 2013. All my life I had dreamed of getting a perfect soul mate despite knowing the fact that there is no perfect person, there is just that one person whom you love perfectly. And that day, a new message in my inbox on facebook. It said "Belated wishes" from a person whom I didn't know. I sat there wondering who this person would be. I wasted nearly an hour checking in that person's profile who that person would be and whether that person was from my university and i was hunting for some pictures in which that person was tagged. But, all went down in vain. There was nothing on the profile except for a group photo in which that person's name was tagged in an empty space between two faces and there were few guys in the pic from my university. I confirmed it was a guy and that he was from my university, but, other than that all the stuff mentioned in that profile was fake including the name. Anyways, i just ended up with thanks to it. I got a message from that guy the next day "Hi". I wanted to ask him who he was but restrained myself thinking who cares?! Yet, i chatted with him hoping to ask him that question a few days later. The first week it was no more than 6-7 messages per day. He replied after an hour to one message and I did the same and if i replied to the message after 2 hours, well, he did the same. So, it did not exceed 7 messages a day. The next week, he asked for my number. I didnt know who he was so i replied with a NO bluntly. Well, he did not heed to it and he asked me my number the next week too. 4th week...that night..on facebook.. it was 10.30 and he was on his way back from home to the hostel and he told me to stay awake. I did not want to do that. I just left the conversation. The next day morning when I checked my inbox I saw a message saying

"It is my birthday today, I thought of getting my first wishes from you at 12 and that is why I told you to stay awake". And I scrolled up to re-read our conversation again to find his number which he had provided once in our conversation. And, I sent a text to his number from my friend's number wishing him Happy Birthday. He said Thanks and Yayyy. I asked why YAYY? He said that he was happy since he got my number. Poor boy! I did not want to disappoint him but I did not like the idea of giving my number to some guy whom I did not know and on the other side I did not want to hurt the birthday boy's feelings too. I just told him that it was not my number. Poor guy. He asked me again. I didn't reply. That night on facebook, I asked him what his real name was and he went about giving me a description of him and he asked me to confirm the details with any guy and he also said that he was on soccer team (One of my dream.. to get a guy who was on soccer team cuz they are generally HOT). I then asked few of my friends about him and all the comments that I got was "He ia great guy!" "He plays soccer so well" "He is really handsome" "He is funny too" (Another dream of get a guy who is praised by everyone and is funny). I was so happy and the word HANDSOME kept striking me again and again. I was like WOWWWWW! One night, while chatting, I asked him how he knew me? He said you are a very good looking girl and etc etc. I was impressed by his reply. And I was literally jumping. A few days passed and I got a text from HIS NUMBER. I was like "how the hell did you get my number?" (Since, I told all my friends not to give my number to him).He said that he got it from my senior. Crap! I did not inform my seniors. :(


Well, now that he got my number there was nothing more left to hide and we both started texting a lot. It changed from few texts in a day to few minutes without texting. We were always texting. My heart longed to see him. But, I did not want my curiousity to come in way. Since, love is something through soul and not by beauty. I wanted to see if he was everything like the one I dreamt of. He said one day that he saw me at the bus stop with my friends. I felt very sad that day since he was right there next to me and I did not who he was and I missed the opportunity to see him. Well, days passed on and I came home. He is from the same city as mine. (Another dream of mine.. since I wanted to stay close to my family even after marriage I wanted a guy who was from my city itself). That sunday night, I had to go back to my college and he said that even he was starting to college that night. He asked if he could come with me. I had to accept since none of my friends were coming along that day and since he wanted to meet my dad too for his project (My dad works in automobile field and he was also in automobile).


I was so excited and tensed and happy, since I was gonna meet him for the first time. It was not love. But, it was just the excitement of seeing someone whom you longed to meet. It was like meeting your fav celebrity to get an autograph. That kind of an excitement. We both reached the station and I did not where he was. He told me to come ear a shop. I stood there looking at each and every one's face and scanned it to find a perfect match to that one I saw on fb pic.

He was there, with those bright lights falling on his face. So pink. With spikes on head and a red and white checked tee and jean. Overall-HANDSOME AND SMART. And he waved his hand and smiled. I fell for him there, that moment itself. I wanted him. I needed him. I fell in love at the first sight of him. (Another dream of mine to fall in love at first sight). God! I prayed to get him. He walked closer to me and I could feel my heart beating so fast. Butterflies in my stomach. I was about to have a stroke with each step he took towards me. And it was raining that day and I could feel the cool breeze on my face. As he walked towards me his cuteness just increased. He was so adorable. His smile..those pearls in perfectly shaped lips. I was dumbstruck.

He asked me where my dad was and there was just few moments of introducing him to my parents and we got into the station and he was busy talking with my dad. As we boarded the bus that night, we sat there talking about the things we loved, the things we dreamt of, how we wanted our partners to propose us, our fav spot, food, colours etc. But, as we spoke I realised his taste and mine did not exactly match. We had slightly contradicting views. The only thing that matched was our fav colors "red, black, brown". I lost hope, to me, Soulmates are those kind of people who are like mirrors, they portray the kind of person whom you want them to be. But, I did not feel like he was the same. Yet, I realised I liked him no matter. We were talking about my ex and I ended up crying. I didnot know what to do and neither did he. That was such a wrong move. Neither of us realised what we were talking about until I started crying thinking about the past. I did not want to ruin the rest of the night and I slept off. At the end, when we got down from the bus, as we walked towards hostel, he said "You must not cry. Your tears are precious, do not waste it on some assholes, and even you are precious to everyone (he turns back and walks away,I shun and I walk towards my hostel,he turns again and says) EVEN TO ME. I was like eeeeeee :D.I was all smiles and was on cloud nine and went to my room. I could not help it, I woke up my friends at 4 in the morning and started telling them about it. I was so excited. I could not sleep that night. I was just take away by a wave of happiness.

Days passed, texting turned into calling and calling for few minutes turned into late night talking but neither of us said I LOVE YOU. Yet, we both knew we loved each other and we cared about each other. I used to see him at university but never spoke. He used to just walk behind me and smile and I used to walk separately with friends. He used to say "I like walking behind you, I feel like I'm protecting you that way". (Another dream of mine.. to get a guy who protects me like a father).


He asked me out a lot of times but I refused all the while. It was a day before my exam and I was preparing full-fledged for it and I got a call from him at midnight, he said "Happy 50th day". It was the 50th day since we both became friends. Wow. Boys remember these stuff? I thought girls were the ones who went gaga about 100th day, 200th day etc etc. He said, you'll be getting a surprise today. Wait for it. That day I could not concentrate on my prep for the exam, I was all so engrossed in guessing what it could be. I just could not guess at all. At 12 in the noon, It was raining outside, amazing climate and I stood there waiting for a deliver guy to come. I saw him opening the cover, from far, I guessed that he was protecting something but did not know what it was. And as he gave me, it was a Bouquet of roses. With a note on it saying in french "Thank you for these 50 beautiful days my special one". OMGGGG!!!OMG! (Another dream of mine, that is the absolute romantic thing ever). He just made me fall in love with him over and over again. But, ego. Ego was the one thing that stopped me from telling him I LOVE YOU.

Nov 25th, I just could not stand it. I wanted to tell him I love you but I did not know whether he loved me. I did not know whether he had those kind of feelings for me. I did not want to make a fool of myself. I said I did not want to talk to him. He started crying (the most cutest thing ever) and he sent me a text, the text which changed our lives:

"Everyday we fight and cry together, feel for each other, Care for each other, pray for each other, laugh together...but we never meet daily like others and we dont speak in public, act as if each other don't know each other... But still we are more than friends... This relation is more than anything in this materialistic world.. ...heaven was waiting for this, to get two person unique in their own way together.. ... Finally God found two beautiful soul to be together forever...".

This was the one message which I have read about thousand times till now and still have the same happy feeling as ever.

To make up for that stupid thing I said the previous day, I went out with him on November 26th...Our first date. It was such an awesome day. Both hanging out, laughing, giggling, arguing, keeping quiet and just looking at each other, silent moments. He told me that day and promised me that "I would never leave you. I will always protect you". There was this part of me which told me to trust him but there was another part of me which said not to trust him since almost all the guys say this,my ex said the same :(.

Nov 27th, at night 9 he said those 3 words "I LOVE YOU" with me screaming after him "I LOVE YOU" for like thousand times.


So far, so good. We both are madly in love and totally totally crazy about each other. I, finally, found my soul mate, yes! He was not the perfect one. But, we definitely are moulding ourselves to be perfect for each other. Almost all my dreams have come true. Now I am living a life of


This is why I say :

"DREAMS DO COME TRUE" (Wait for it)


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