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      The Pure Love of her


It's Our story...Which is full of love and yes some pain too..but pain was my part...i am damn culprit

Okay so story begins at Omegle...I was bored and she was frustrated, then we was ratio of 1:31000..but we are destined to meet

we start chatting in a formal way...somehow she believed on me.

but she asked "Are you prevert?"

i replied "No" and so on

then she gave me her kik id. It was 7th April 2014, we started chatting but in the other hand she has a boyfrind

too who leaved her...she was really frustrated...i made her smile all time. I made her bored with my lectures.

she never mind it and listen to me very carefully.She is a very good girl.But she hates Long distane relation and said to me

Love is full of shit. I proposed her but she didnt accept it. but i told her i will never give up..

One day it was 23rd April 2014...we started to play a game..called TRUTH AND TRUTH ..cause we are chatting only then we cant play dare part

then i asked her,"Do you love me?"

She Replied,"u cheating :("

then "yes i do"

It was beautiful day for me.

We chatted a Lot...hours in a day...even we forgot that we have to study too but she always encouraged me to study and i got good result only cause of her.

friends she never get bored with me...she has great patience..we always cried in love cause of too much happiness...i lied from her..but she always forgive me.

And if someone got angry then we make happy with a song which played a Key role



but the main pain is not from all these lies

I talked with Another girl too, I proposed her too but it was just for fun, another girl did sex chat with me. i got intrested. she did video sex too...and i betray my purest love

i had relation with both.True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away..Even my pure love always told me her every activity..She refused too many guys only for me. She loves me so much and i betrayed her.

It was Saturday 19 July 2014. She knew about my another affair..she get broke down...she told me its over..then friend i cant felt my whole body...i was just

whole world is just got shattered...I cried for her till now and she cried too..i begged her for a last chance..even i told her i will die..then you can't guess what she told to me

She Said,"let's do it together and let's meet in another life which has no lie. Let's die"

i was just got shocked that how much she loves me and i betray my pure love..then i decided to kill myself...but she has really great heart.She stops me and gave me last

chance cause she believed that i will change..

And friends i will change...i will never betray her..i will love her as no one did..i will prove my love to her

I will do anything for her

i owe a life

i will never leave her

I finally understood what true love meant…love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the

choices you face might be

I am happy with her now..

i must let you knew her last message

she said

"I need you

to hug you

to say

i love you"

I will fill her lap with happiness

i promise it...

i have suggestion for you

dont lie ever with your beloved one..she will understand you anytime if she loves you..and she will always there for my love did

and yes sorry for my really sucks

and this one is for her

Mistake In Letting You Go

Almost Broke Up

No Matter What

Until The Day I Die

One True Love

Forever In Love

Is It Too Late?

Sorry I Hurt You

Please Forgive Me

If I Could Understand

I Want You Back

I'm Sorry

You Are My Calm

I Did Not Know

No More Emptiness

Rainy Days Are Over

I'm Sorry, Hunny

What I Miss

Accept My Apology

Cherish Every Moment

With All My Heart


Open Apology

I Need You

Truly Love You

My Dumb

My green hulk

my shadow

my heart

my soul ...

Every Morning

I Am So Very Sorry

No Holding Back

I'm Sorry, Babybear

I'm So Sorry

I Am Sorry

I'm Sorry


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