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They met online one day, and she felt he was a real gentleman. She knew how people could be fakes over the net, but she thought to herself "what the hell? He makes me smile, doesn't he? It's not like I'm going to fall in love with him." They lived in different parts of the world, and the internet was the only way they connected.

Everyday, after he came back from work, he would hit the gym. After gym, he came home, showered and went online. She realised the pattern of his routine and waited online for she knew he would show up. It was extremely easy to talk to him, to just be herself. She spent her day in classes just waiting to get back home and meet him online. This one day, he didn't show up. She thought perhaps he was too busy and slept on it. The next day was another no show, and it went on for two months. You'd think who cares? He was just a man she met online; she thought so too. But after speaking regularly for 5 months, she did care. And she couldn't be but worried. Where was he? She had none of his contact information. They only spoke online.

Two months later, "*********** is online". She could not believe it. She kept asking him questions like "is this really you?" and some more personal questions that only he knows they have talked about. It really was him. She could have sworn that she felt like the happiest girl alive. He was on the other end of the world, but she had never felt this close to anyone. He said he had some technical problems and could not meet her for a while. That night they exchanged phone numbers, in case a similar incident occurs again.

They spoke again, everyday. If not online, they whatsapped each other. They also video-chatted a couple of times. Mostly, she was blushing, but they also laughed and smiled and joked around. They could also go on for hours just staring at each other because they both felt the other was beautiful. Not only did she think he was beautiful, she also felt that he could be her significant other. Most nights, she dreamt of him and how he was her knight in shining armour. She had issues with her parents and they were never around, but he was always there.

A year after they'd been speaking and dreaming, she settled some things with her father and she had told him about the man she believed she wanted. Her father, as most parents, was not crazy about the fact, but he showed support anyway and asked her to meet him. Now of course she'd wanted them to meet, but she just wanted to actually meet him first. Her plans were to live abroad after graduation which her father had no objection to. She thought maybe she could fly to his country and be with him if things actually worked out for them.

Having her father show support, she got too worked up and immediately told her significant other that she had told her father. She didn't tell him what her father's reaction was, she was waiting for him to inquire. But he was silent. They hadn't been talking for a month; their speaking routine had been reduced, but she never felt threatened, until that night when he had nothing to say. She thought he might have freaked out with her father learning about them. Even when she tried talking to him about it, he remained silent.

A few months of him having nothing to say to her, she made the decision that she no longer wanted to be with him. She did confess her feelings for him; she told him how she'd fallen in love with him and how his silence has broken her heart. If it were up to her, she could have waited a while longer. But her father kept demanding answers every now and then and she really did not know what to say to him.

After she'd told him how she no longer wanted to be a part of their online relationship, he declared he still wanted her. She definitely wanted him too, but she also wanted to feel like she was worth the effort and he never gave her that much. Another month in, he texted her and told her that he couldn't stop thinking about her. It made her happy and sad at the same time. Happy because she was still in love with him; sad because she didn't believe him.

Until this day (a few days later), she is still waiting for him to make an effort and make things right once again. He was gone for too long, but she has waited, and she could wait forever but he doesn't know it yet. It's just an online relationship to the world, but her long nights and her tears make her heart ache until she feels like she can no longer breathe. She wishes none of this felt real to her, because maybe none of it was ever actually real after all. But for the sake of finding out, she would endure a thousand broken hearts, every night, for the rest of her life, because maybe that would one day bring her as close as staring into his deep blue eyes, even if it meant having to see another woman in his eyes.


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