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      Night in the park


He pulled into a park. No one was there and it would have been pitch dark if it were not for the moon and starlight settling down on the car we pulled in with.

He put the car in park and pulled out the keys. I watched the headlights of the car slowly fade into the darkness to where it was just the moonlight, me, Dylan, and his rusty pickup.

He opened his door and got out to open mine. I smiled softly and looked down at the grown and kicked the dirt but i didn't want to say anything stupid so i kept my mouth shut.

Dylan grabbed my hand and started to lead me to the tailgate of the truck. I had no idea what his goals were for me but he kissed me on the cheek and said,"wait here a second."

I did as told.

He got into the backseat of the truck with giant blankets and went to the back of the truck with multiple pillows.

He laid them all in the back of the truck and got inside and just laid down. "Come on Beautiful" he halfwhispered.

I put both of my hands on the end of the truck and push myself into the mess of pillows and blankets. I was silent for a moment and finally said "don't try anything".

"what do you mean by "anything"?" he asked

"I am not ready to do... it." i said. "sorry if i ruined your plans but i am just not ready.

"those were not my plans at all" he said. "I just wanted to spend a night stargazing with you.

He then leaned over on his side, put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I felt safe with him. I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world other than his arms.

Dylan then put his hand gently under my chin and pulled me up to him and kissed me and whispered in my ear " You are my penguin".

" What?"

He then looked me in my eyes. Into my soul. And he said " once a penguin finds it's soulmate it will never leave her side and will always be there for her".

He then got serious and asked " Am i your penguin?".

I giggled, kissed him, pulled away, and whispered "of course you are".

He pulled out his ipod shuffle and play music and right when the song Sleeping At Last- Turning Pages we both fell asleep in each others arms.


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