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      Summer Not To Share


( So be ready to read another young love story. A one that has not been fineshed yet. 13 year old love that everyone thinks is pointless. The only reason i wish everyone didn't think young love is as stupid because just because we are young doesn't mean we cant feel feelings and love is a feeling. A strong one that gives you butterflies and keeps you up at night, a feeling that hurts but can feel so good at times you deal with the pain. Especially when you love someone as much as i love Dylan.)

Dylan is the most amazing person EVER! I love him with all my heart and will never stop loving him.

He has always stood out to me and not in the best ways. It was all making fun of and bullying. I am not saying i was innocent but i never stood up for him. But as i watched from afar (stalked) the more interested i got in him and i decided to message him on facebook.

I'm not the best conversation starter so the only thing i knew to talk to him about was track.

Even though that was about it i began to get a crush on him and it was the first "real" crush since my past boyfriend that i was still heartbroken over when he moved away and my mom made me stop talking to him.

Of course after a while i told my friends about my crush and they got him to sit with me at the lunch table. That was about when i really got to know him and soon enough he gave me his phone number.

I remember the day his girlfriend broke up with him. Which was the only thing holding me back.. Apparently she seen him sitting at my table full of girls and got jealous so she just left him. So when two of my friends found out about this they told me about it immediately told me.

It was April 29 (my brothers birthday). He texted and called that night and asked me out. I thought it was a bit weird that he asked me the day him and his girlfriend but i was not going to turn down the offer.

It was a little awkward talking to him at first but soon we became comfortable and i invited him to go to goldstar with me and my grandmas. We went to a park outside of a police station and he talked about our future and he took out a pocket knife and carved A + D into the tree. I melted. I was smiling like an idiot. And i held his hand for the first time on the park bench and all the way home in the car. I about died.

I began to invite him to my house often and we would just sit around and watch movies and go to parks. (hand in hand) Once we walked down town for icecream but neither of us wanted any so we went home. Since my mom was asleep she wanted us to stay outside so we layed on the trampoline together. My hand in his. Then i rolled over and put my other arm around his chest, wrapped it around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt like the happiest girl in the world. NO ONE could have been happier than me at that moment.

He told me every day with me is the best day ever...

Then the end of school came and I was excited for summer because i would get to spend all summer with the one i loved. But... i later found out he was saying in Kentucky all summer.

Well that was my perfect summer out the window. Didn't even now till a couple days after school was out.

Summer is boring i only get to talk to him about once or twice a week and our conversations aren't long at all. He's always busy working for his grandpa too so it takes him forever to answer any messages and i was having... Well... i dont know, Dylan withdrawls. I missed him so much i would cry somenights.

He has no idea how special he is to me. Nobody does.

I hope he doesn't leave me. I hope stays forever. And he has planned to give me my first kiss as soon as he sees me. I hope so.

That's my story. No happy ending. No ending at all. A little taste of real life.

I might put the ending after i see how this goes. But i have to live the ending first.


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