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My story starts like this; I was married 3 times and well you might think the 3rd time is the charm...well it was at first. I thought I found my best friend. We would talk about everything. There was no holding back. We played games(drinking games)I would cheat and get him drunk or he would at least act like he was drunk. I was and still am in love with this man. He use to tell me never to gain wgt because that would be a way to lose him but I never took it to heart because I new no matter what he would love me. so during my 13yr marriage we had some great wonderful times but we also had some bad times that I didn't think we could make it thru. But we would. Now today my marriage is coming to an end because about 2yrs ago or longer my husband started an affair. Which he tries to deny to this day. But he does admit to doing wrong even tho he admitted it to me one night while he was drinking. So we had a talk and I told him he is to pick me or her and he said "it is you no doubt in my mind" so I told him that he is to never speak to her again. which later I find out he lies to me about him not talking to her any more. so at this time he tells me becuz I go to Indiana to spend as much time as I can with my son, who was a sr in high school and I know that my son will not be around much longer and I know that I have the rest of my time with the love of my life, my husband says that is the reason for his affair oh yeah, and becuz I am a lazy fat mfing c-nt. Anyway, even tho I don't feel the same way he does he we are getting ready to go thru a divorce. Because "I crossed the line" when I did something crazy like going to the limits to find out if he was still talking to her. Well guess what? He is still talking to her till this day and still tries to lie about it to me. I had not spoke to him in 3 days and when I finally do he has hate for me. so maybe I did some stupid crazy things but it was all becuz I didn't want to lose him. And the only thing that goes thru my mind is what did I do to deserve him cheating? So at this time I would just like to say Glen I Love you with all my heart and I hate that it all came to an end Like this.


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