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      It used to be my dreamed love story!


It started few years ago. I love him so much that everyday for me is such a paradise. We started making our own love story, sweet memories and so on. We exchanged different sweet and romantic words. He is so caring and loving. When I am sick, he is always there acting as my personal house. When I am in their house, his family’s treating me like a princess. Though he is always asking a kiss every time we separate ways. Almost every night we’re talking for like two hours, laughing and giggling.

One day, after three years and one month, the day after our monthsary, I couldn’t reach him. I keep on calling him and sending messages hoping that he will respond. He was a very different guy from whom I was used to. I went to his house the next day. There were no people there and the room was very messy. I called him but I heard his phone ringing next to the TV. I was very sad because the only way on how I am going to contact him is with me. I went home feeling hopeless.

An unregistered number sent a message to me with an address saying that if I miss my boyfriend, I need to go there. While on my way, I was so nervous and scared because I don’t know what waits me there. As soon as I entered the hotel room, I found my boyfriend wearing nothing hugging with another girl. I was so disappointed. With the 3 years relationship that we’ve had, sex was not part of it. It’s not that I don’t like it, he wasn’t asking for it on the first place.

I wake him up and said “I’m breaking up with you, hope you like it”. I walked away crying while remembering what he told me, “ I will never leave you or do things that can hurt you.” He tried to chase me but I ran away and not even talking to him. His mother tried to call me asking what happened, I just cry and said that her son knows everything. I still respect his family; I still love them like the way I used too.

Now, it’s been 4 years but I am still trapped in my past. I still love him but I am keeping myself away from him, no contacts. I am still open to possibilities; but hoping that I won’t be his girlfriend anymore but be his wife.


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