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      I fell for my Doctor


5 years i was in a horrible head on collision with a drunk driver, leaving me with several broken bones in my back,neck and legs. I also had a punctured heart due to a broken rib splintering into my heart. The cardiologist on call that night was Dr.Katie Hopewell. The first time i layed eyes on her i knew it was love, she had repaired my heart and i felt as if i was connected to her. After months of flirting in the hospital and rehab we gave in and slept together. I was married to my husband of 18 years. To make a long story short i have been divorced from my ex husband for 4years and i have been in a relationship with Katie Hopewell. ( i changed her first name for privacy reasons). I feel guilty for cheating but i refused to live a lie when i was in love with the woman of my dreams.


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