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      It is not worth it


i was in love with this moslem guy on internet. We chatted for about a year, and he kept calling everyday until he returns from Denmark.upon arrival he was very caring and loving from the start and very jealous too. after a while he changed into something else. He doesn't want me to talk to any male, be they neighbors, schoolmates, friends etc. It got to a point where i grew angry with him, because he is the lazy type. Can't imagine someone sleeping in the night and waking up at 8.00am, then he takes his breakfast, sit on the couch and getting lost in the TV. He doesn't makes friends or associate with anybody and to me it looked suspicious, he wouldn't introduced u to any of his classmates,friends and worst of all any member of his family, or maybe he didn't just want anybody to expose his past life. All he does is assign you to cook for him, wash his dresses and he would want to force you into making love with him even against your wish. he was so unromantic, cos he never plays with me, and doesn't care if i am wet or not, and if i refuse, he will ask me to go back to our house. I realised i had become his sex machine.I couldn't just bear the sight of him on me, couple with the fact that he had stinking breathe and mouth odour which he is not ready to do anything about.He would spend the whole day in the house while others are busy dropping applications here and there, doing businesses, working on their farms and looking for job opportunities. At 45 he had no plans of settling down or getting married, i knew i didn't fit in there, so i had to leave.What's the point staying when the person in question has no feeling and is only interested in his sex life


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