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      Pyaar me dard nahi hota hai


this is a story of true love , love from one side but still true love , in this big world exist a girl and a boy studying together in a high school let's start with the boy ; he is excellent in his studies , smart ,kind, intelligent and charming . he was also so popular ,all the girls like him , they enjoy talking with him , and spend as much time as they can with him , you can say that he is the shahrukh khan of the high school .

the girl was totally the opposite , she was so shy and not so sociable , but on the other hand she was honest and always helping others , she is not so beautiful but hardworking and cute. you may think that this is a perfect love story ; and the both are perfect for each other , but hey wait until the end ....

she loved him , from her heart , true love , she didn't know how and why she did , firstly it seemed to her that she just liked him because of his popularity and way of talking , but then she realised that it was true love , she didn't love him as the other girls did; others were happy when he talks with them and then got angry when he neglects them ; but she was simply happy if he is happy , she 's sad if he's sad , suddenly he became a main chapter in her life story , it was the first time she felt that weird feeling , the first time she cares that much about someone , the first time she felt a happiness only love can give it to us , she couldn't understand what was happening to her , but she absoluetly enjoyed every moment .

he didn't notice even her presence in the classroom , she wasn't soo important in his life as he was in hers , but that didn't drive her to regret or stop loving him , this is what we call true love , maybe her story is not so intersting if you compare it with other love stories , but this girl succeeded to proove that pyaar me dard nahi hota hai . i think that the boy of our story is really lucky ; not because all the girls liked him , and not because he was smart and excellent student , but because there is someone who loved him in such a honest and beautiful way . and what makes me sad is that he might not know how much he was lucky !

i shared with u this real story , hoping that u lerant something from it , and also that it corrected the meaning of true love in your minds !

thank you !:)


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