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      I know you are shining down on me


I remember walking up the path and realised that all the lights in the house were still on and I just knew that something was wrong.

Mum was always in bed by 12 and it was now 3 in the morning as I was walking home from a night out. I rushed into the living room to find my Mother sitting on the floor with a million tears streaming down her face. "Emily has had an accident, she's gone, she's really gone " My stomach turned and I ran out of the house towards Ems. Emily was my Girlfriend and had been for 3 years, she was only 20, she couldn't be dead. Someone had made a mistake. I got to her house and it was all true my girl had gone. It was at that moment my world fell apart and my heart shattered into little pieces.

The next few days passed in a blur I kept thinking if only she wasn't in that car, if only I hadn't gone out that night but no matter what I thought my Em was not coming home. Her funeral was a few days later and so many people came to say goodbye it made me think that it wasn't just me who loved her so much. There were hundreds of flowers but I just laid a single red rose on her coffin with the message reading "Wait for me Em we will still be together when I get there I'll love you always Ste"

Its been 10 months since Em died and I miss her so much so where ever you are Em I love you so much and don't ever think I don't love you anymore. You're still my girl.

Love you forever Ste.


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