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      Unseparable love


It was spring....The cold wind and the bright sun..just the ideal for the souls to meet...

so ,it was Aman,who read in 11th grade,one can say,books were his only life,study was his love ,nd he was not much of a "girl" guy...happened to b a quite quiet boy... On the other hand,there was,beautiful,Stylish nd was a "party all day" girl..

as I'm saying this, U Can imaginea,aman belonged to poor family,where anuska was the only child of his businessman father...

yes,if u imagine this,it's just like that...

Now so far,nobody dared to propose Anushka..

nd,Aman? he was miles away from these fusses!

It was a long day in the school..Nd u must know,Aman was so poor,that he never brought tiffin,Only the drinking water of the school filled up his crying stomach...yeah,so on that long day,There was a maintainance going in the water sector of the the last food,or rather water he could have,was gone too..

so it was the time of breaking up of the school,aman had no friends in that rich man's school where he got the admission for his unmatched merit..

he had to walk a lot to reach home...dehydration made him so weak..He could hardly walk,but he was walking..the world seemed like a moving cradle to him..and he fell on the road..

and by that time,anushka's car came to him,nd though she was the pampered girl of her parents,she had all the affection a woman can she picked him the car

she nursed him..cleansed his face,gave him water,fade him some biscuits..nd Aman was indeed a very handsome guy..after feeling well.Aman got up..thanked Anushka with all the gratitude of the world..and left...

by the time Anushka reached home,she was no more that free bird,her heart,her mind was caged by the prince like glow in Aman's face,that nursing of her awoke the dormant spirit of love in her,she more and more thought about Aman,nd fell in love with was all so sudden!

and aman? that boy who always read till 9 30 and sleep,began to look at the stars in the sky,lost all his concentration by the charm of the girl, her selfless care and affection...And late in the night,when sleep still wasn't able to defeat his tired eyes..He realised Love,a whole new emotion arose in him,and he felt very pleasured about it...

Next morning...The teachers couldn't find answers from Aman,and the class couldn't find the "party girl" in Anushka..

and u know why so..but No..none of then could take the step..none proposed all was in their hearts..going through silent emotions...well,few eye contacts took place..but things went on like it...Aman kept on studies in fair amount of good manner, but now he managed to get time to think about Anushka,

And anushka also got her parties,but still became more calm thinking

...thinking about the seed of love was about to germinate..but germination need water,right?so Now,Monsoon came..everyday it was raining..One day..the sky was a bit clear...but after the school,everyone departed,Anushka's car was still to it faced breakdown on the way,Nd aman stayed as he had some work with h/m after when he was done..and was about to go out of the school,it started raining cats and dogs..thunders were roaring..both of aman nd anushja were standing...they were standing in the outer shade of school,it were just 2 of them..still none talked..So nature had to take the first step..It was a dreadful roar of thunder...anushka was too frightened,she quickly came at aman and tightly hugged him out of fear,But soon the hug of fear became embrace of love and which of course ended with a passionate kiss..then they parted..Anushka's car blew horn..she departed,Aman was gone too..

then love flourished and a grew leaves,branches and going towards utter'd be such a happy ending...if one thing hadn't happened!

it was the day of result of HS...,Aman and Anushka planned to stay together to spend the whole afternoon together...aman was the first among all the students in that area...!

Anushka,she was so happy..that she out of emotion hugged Aman..and somehow Anushka's dad saw it who went to pick up his girl early that day..and then what happened u know?

he abused Aman,acused him of poverty,insulted his parents in front of him nd finally beat him with his driver and broke his hand...all of this happened in a silent front of Anushka who could just cry..

then her father took her to their mansion,Aman,..destructed with pain and insult remain laid on the alley,rain came,to heel his scars,Aman,like a wounded Leopard,stood up,and took vow that.One day he'll come,Being both a social and economic success and will claim rightfully the hand of anushka from his father..

so he went was Anushka's thought that arose him in the morning and made him determined for the whole day..he'd read all the day..he did inhumane effort and after 6 years he was doing a top class Software Engineering job at INTEL..

6 years of focussed hardship...finally Aman thought it was time for him to relish the achievement...

So he headed for Anushka's home..with the joining letter of INTEL..he made himself prepared on the way..,But when he reached there,he took a strange look on the name of the is the same lane where anushka lived..but where was the house gone??where??instead of the palace of Anushka,there was a large flat!!!so what happened?

Aman,asked a local tea shop owner,that there supposed to be a mansion in place of the flat..the shop keeper said,that house owner sold it 6 years ago..and that flat rose..but he couldn't tell where they had gone...So Aman was so disappointed!!

But he wasn't a guy who would leave all the hope...there was still two months time before joining he made up mind that he'd leave no stond unturned to find anuska..he first went to BLRO office and found the number of the lawyer of Anushka's family..he hurriedly called him...went to him..and got the address of Anushka...he got it, really...

She was living in darjeeling was the destination Aman was going to go...On the very next day..he packed up and boarded the train..just 2 days and he'll find his beloved...I can't describe that how many dreams,old memories came to his minds in the journey...but I can say..his mind couldn't wait anymore..finally he reached there..

it was a very bright sunny morning in the hill station...the glory of the sun,The beauty of the clouds,the royality of the forests..just the perfect nature was happy too..But Aman ignored these,he was only thinking of Anushka and Anushka..he took out the piece of paper which had the address on it..and very soon he was in front of a large mansion..he paused for a moment,made himself ready for everything and entered the gate..the guard was standing at the door of the house..

Seeing his clothes ,which was indeed tidy and looking of higher class,the guard addressed him as Sir,Aman said "is anushka inside?"

the guard said no and in addition what he said,was shocking!

He said "sahab aur memsahab to Anushka ko lekar Hospital gaye hai"when Aman asked why,guard couldn't reply,he didn't know..but showed him the nursing home..aman rushed there..

He saw Anushka's dad,Went to him and told that he now had a job at intel,going to US in next month nd he wants to marry anushka,nd everything he had planned to tell him..her dad listened to all of these..

he put his hands on the shoulders of Aman nd said"beta,tumhara anushka samne ke room par tumhara intezar kar rahi hai",He asked desperately to her dad,what happened to her??answer me answer me,he just cried,then a doctor came and said LEAUKOEMIA,MALIGNANT BLOOD CANCER,

and o!!the sky in the mind of aman that prepared itself for a great celebration broke down totally...what a shock it must have been to aman..He became so weak..but still managed to enter the room.he saw anushka, went to her,told,Anushka,my love,I've come,

anushka opened eyes,smiled, probably first time in last 6years,touched Aman with all her affection and energy and whispered,AMAN,I LOVE YOU, and then she passed away...Aman burst into tears. doctor declared her dead..As if Anushka jst lived

just lived to see her Aman..then gone...

aman ran out of the room...of the nursing home, on the road,thinking all the sweet memories of Anushka,and asking god what wrong he had done that he took Anushka from him, he just thought it , and didn't see anything else,suddenly he realised he was in the road and a speeding lorry knocked him over,ran him down,now Aman was dead too!!

And both of them were ended up in the same "Shmashan" on same day..finally,even God couldn't separate the souls,

They were bound by such a strong bond of true love,that they met in heavens..and I'm sure they happily stayed(not lived!)ever after...



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