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      I can't like him!


This is all about me being confused on what to do... When I was in the 8th grade I dated a boy for about 3 months and we would hold hands under our table and we was always together and then things started going down hill about half way into the school year. Long story short we ended up braking up and my best friend at the time had a twin brother so usually when I would go to her house he would have a friend over too so we would all hang out and when me and at that time ex broke up I went over to her house for comfort and her brother and his friend was there and she was gone at the time with her mom so still upset about our break up I had to talk to someone and so I talked to the boys and they really seemed to understand and care about my feelings the friend more than the brother and then me and the friend started talking more and hanging out more inside and outside of school and after about 4 months of getting closer we became best friends and one night he told me he misses me and started saying how he wants to see me more and on the night of graduation knowing we were going to be attending different high schools we were both sad and he said "I cant imagine living another day without calling you mine will you go out with me?" and me being the fool I am said yes! And then we spent most of our summer together and on July 21st we shared our first kiss and I will never forget that day first we went swimming for roughly around 3 hours and then we went back to our friends house and it was about 6pm and I was cold from swimming so he wrapped his arms around me to keep me warm and then we was all laying in my friends rooms watching movies and he was holding my hand and after about 3 movies we decided to sneak out and go to the park down the road and there was people smoking and doing drugs and I told him me and my friend didnt feel safe so we went down across the road and found a empty house and we went in there and it had been abandoned for about 5 month's and we went inside and he gave me the longest best hug ever and then we was hanging out in there for about 2 hours and then we snuck back into to her house and then he had to go to his friends room (boys and girls weren't suppose to sleep in the same room) and he started texting me and he says "I miss you already" and I started smiling and told him to come back so he did and my friend had already fell asleep and he layed down beside me and started kissing me and I will never forget that it was my first kiss! And then on hall-o-ween things had gone wrong and he broke up with me and i had another friend who just got out of a relationship too and so she liked my ex and I was trying to get over him so we decide to "trade" boyfriends so I dated her ex whom I had never met in person and she dated my ex and it lasted about a week.

then I broke up with him and he was heartbroken and we decided to stay friends and I got to know him better and now I talk to him on a daily basis and I tell him everything and a week ago he told me he loved me and I was flabbergasted and worried about what would happen next and all he did was leave it at that and never mentioned it again after that we did start talking about dating again though and we both thought it sounded good and I was in town wasting time and he told me to meet him at the park and so I did and we hung out together for about 2 and a half hours and he acted like he liked me alot and then I got home and got on Facebook just to find put the night before he had gotten into a relationship and I was just heart broke and I wanted to cry! I have true feelings for him now but now he is dating someone else and I asked him about it and he said he still loves me and never wants to lose me yet he is in a relationship and I don't want to be the girl that ruins it for them yet I want to be with him I'm nothing but happy when I'm with him and he says he is only happy with me and I told him in not suppose to like him in not suppose to have feelings for him and im not suppose to be anything more than a friend and I need to move on and forget about being with him and he refuses to let me forget he is always telling me he loves me and how he wants to hug me but then I feel bad because he has a girlfriend already and I just dont know what to do all I want is him though!!:'( I just cant like him anymore!


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