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      Sweetu n sweaty


Dea Ani Babu I hv falln deeply in love with u.there r no words 2 express d

flng I feel in ma heart dt u came

into ma life,n hw u mk every

day so special.Ua ma life, ma

heart, ma soul.

Joja Ua ma bst frnd,ma 1 true love,ma one n only.I lv u more

2dy than I did ystrday n ll love

u more tomorrow than I do 2day.

sweetu Loving u is d only thing dt makes

life worth living.Day by day ma love

4u bcms overwhelming, n I cant handle it whn I dont talk 2u every day

I cant promise u that v ll never


But I can promise u that Ill always b true 2u

n babu I promise that Ill always

love u more than anything with all

ma heart, no matter wht happens or

what v go through,joja Ill love u

until d end of time

I wish v could c each othr every

day but I knw that ua so far away

Until ma breath departs Ill not 4gt u.

I cant live without u I swear it 2u

Without seeing or knwg u I gv u ma heart

Thr z no name on ma lips apart 4m urs,m so lonely without u ua d only one for me without u ma life is empty ill b there 4u always

i love d way u love me sweetu ua always make me laugh i dont need anyone else in ma life i hv always lovd u n ill alwayz love u ua mine 4ever n always,ua ma everythng

I knw I say I love u often,

but every word I say z true.

u made me realize that every boy z not always d same.

I wrote ur name in ma heart n 4evr it ll stay.i love u so so so much ma prince charming

With lots of love

Ua lovely wife sweaty


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