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      Courage where are you?


I need to start writing again... There's no one really i could talk about this.. Not a smart feeling after all (if there's such thing) liking someone head over heels in quick time span. Yes i'm on level 4 in less than a month. I think of him everytime i had the chance. I find way to talk to him. I like him, like him a lot.

He's beautiful, smart and i don't know what else. Again, all i know is I'm starting to feel the same thing again. The last time i felt this, didn't turn out good. I can still remember the pain, God knows what i've been through. I became to attach to someone who will never like me... And it seems that history is repeating itself. Here i am again, another unrequited love i guess.

There are times when i feel like i should tell him how i feel. But i don't have the courage, not even sure if it's the right thing to do. What if he doesn't like me? What if things will become awkward after my confession? And worst is... what if it's not a mutual feeling?

Well, questions will never be answered until you ask... But am i ready for the answers? Can i still take the same pain as i had before?

Too many what, if's and uncertainty... Maybe it's still early.. A friend told me once that ineed to be open with possibities, i don't need to be ahead of everything.

I like u Jed, i may never have the courage but I hope i will get the chance... Or i hope, with my actions you will notice it.

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